Life Update

One year ago I was still living in Michigan and finishing up my senior year of high school. Now here I am, a year older, done with my freshman year of college, and hanging out at a coffee shop (Caffetto, in case you were wondering). So many things have changed in a year, even in the last few months. I’ll be moving into an apartment this weekend; I have a job as a barista that I love; I declared my art major in school; and I’ve started biking in the city. 

I’ve always loved coffee. I can’t remember when I started drinking it, but it’s been a huge influence on my life. It inspired me to start a blog last summer and helped me to explore an unfamiliar city. I’m fortunate enough to have people who are interested in reading about my thoughts and coffee related experiences on here, and have been able to reach a larger audience that I’d ever hoped for. 

Somehow my blog was discovered by a group bringing the Caffeine Crawl to Minneapolis and they were interested in having me write about it. Next weekend (6/1) I’ll be exploring 6 coffee shops and trying a variety of new drinks. I’ll be learning about espresso, brewing methods, and other coffee related things. I can’t wait!

I’ve also recently achieved one of my bucket list goals: Become a barista. It’s hard to put into words how incredibly excited I am to be a barista in downtown Minneapolis. I discovered last summer how extraordinarily hard it is to get a job in a coffee shop without previous experience. Over the past year I’ve had a few jobs as a wait assistant, which led me to finding and being a part of a new restaurant opening downtown. As an added bonus to the great people, great location, and overall awesome restaurant, they also decided to train me as a barista for the cafe.

That’s all the exciting new I have for the moment! I should probably start biking home, because it’s late and it started raining. Hopefully summer will come to Minneapolis soon, because I’d really like to put away my jacket.

Have a lovely caffeinated night!


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