Dunn Bros: Bryant & Lake

Dunn Bros cup drawing


Dunn Bros

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

First Impression: Oh, coffee. I’m always hesitant to go to Dunn Bros because I prefer independent ones. I was craving coffee as usual, and decided to give it a shot. The first thing I noticed walking in was the circle of comfortable chairs around the fireplace, situated in the center of the room. Hmm, this looks like an independent shop.

Appearance/Atmosphere: Everything was in one large, open room. There was a circle of chairs, as I mentioned before, that encircled the circular fireplace. A ring of lights above the chairs provided nice lighting. Two walls are red, the far back one is steel/silver, and the other wall is yellow with some places of exposed white brick. The ceiling is a dark brown with large old-fashioned tiles, and an aluminum air vent ran along the middle. There are two white peeling columns and two wooden posts. The floor is red/orange worn concrete. Tables and chairs are simple, square, and black. Between the chairs around the fireplace, there are assorted antique trunks, chests, and small dressers. Behind the black bar there’s a black, handwritten menu on the wall. Bags of coffee sat along the front, waiting to be sold. Window seats at a bar looking out onto Lake St. were available. Art and painted stained glass windows hang in the windows, and various pieces hang on the walls as well. There a very awesome antique mirror on the yellow wall. A section in the back is dedicated to roasting coffee beans, and is done in the store.

Music: Good, indie music at a great volume. Speakers were all around. I didn’t recognize any music, which doesn’t happen often.

Vibe: Relaxed, hip. There was a wide range of ages, but thankfully no kids. People were talking, music was playing, and the workers were cleaning, but it didn’t feel chaotic.

Coffee: I had a Carmel Mocha that came in a bright yellow cup. How did they know yellow was my favorite color?! Their menu is detailed and offered a lot of choices. The prices were average, and might be a tad higher.

Service: Two nice baristas quickly made my drink. There was a steady stream of customers, so they were always busy.

Notes: I might come back here to hang out with friends during school. There are a lot of groups of 2 that appear to be catching up. It’s a nice place, but I think it’s too loud to study at.




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