Taraccino Coffee: Hennepin & University

Taraccino coffee cup drawing

Taraccino Coffee

Monday, July 30th, 2012

First Impression: Coffee! I was a little lost walking around the area because I hadn’t looked at a very detailed map beforehand. The cute sign outside proclaiming, “Taraccino Coffee” caught my eye. The first things I noticed were the awesome couches and walls. I felt warm and welcome just walking in the door.

Appearance/Atmosphere: The walls are a warm orange; the ceiling’s tan. One wall is exposed brick, covered with pictures of flowers for sale. Most of the floor is carpeted, with the exception of the tiled path leading from the door to the counter. Lights hang from the high ceilings, and the big window in front lets in a lot of light. A fan/air conditioner kept the room cool (it was 87˚F and sunny outside). There are a lot of square tables in the carpeted area: small tables with 2 green cushioned chairs. There are two plush faux leather sofas, an oversized chair, and a coffee table. The counter has very clear “Order Here” and “Pick Up Here” signs hanging. Their menu, located on the wall behind the counter) is  terrific. They have a wide variety of drinks and specials listed. Also on the counter is small bakery. Along one of the walls there is a bookshelf, full of books and coffee for sale. A doorway to the left of the counter leads to the shop next door.

Vibe: Chill, relaxed, and extremely friendly. I felt really welcome here, and everyone seemed nice.

Music: Indie, relaxed. Again, it was all very chill. I recognized one of the bands that played (Passion Pit). The rest of the music was new to me, but it was at a perfect volume level. I was able to listen to it without it being overpowering.

Coffee: I had an Iced Mocha because of the heat. It was good, but I wouldn’t recommend getting it iced. The ice melted and diluted my drink. Something to keep in mind when ordering iced drinks! I noticed one of their specialty drinks was a mix of espresso and chai. Maybe next time I’ll try that!

Service: Nice! The barista was really friendly. She was the only one working and make my drink quickly. A man from the store next door came into the shop and offered everyone (the 4 people) free bags of bagels. Sweet! I don’t know how often that happens, but it was great.

Notes: Go and get lost in a book or something for a few hours. It’s such a cute place that I know I’ll be going back. It’s also right on the bus route – bonus!

Update (12/11/12)While typing this up, I remembered how great this place is. I’ll try to go back soon and re-review it. Hopefully it’s just as great in the winter. Maybe it’ll be my new favorite study place. We’ll see!


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