Sweet Nothings to Note

Eye Drawing

I don’t know if those reading this reviews have noticed yet, but my rating system is very inconsistent. One of my favorite places is 3 stars, which leads me to believe that my stars don’t equate to how much I like the coffee shop. I’m not sure exactly why I give them the rating that I do, but don’t let a low rating deter you from trying them. Also, I don’t have any other drawings of coffee related things, so please enjoy my drawing of an eye.

First Impression: Many of these sound the same because my thought walking in the door is “Oh yum, coffee soon!”

Appearance/Atmosphere: This part is hard to write eloquently. It almost always ends up in choppy fragments, due to the fact that I’m writing things as I see them. Usually when I write this part I’ll look around, write something down, and look around again. I’m more interested in getting the details down than worrying about how it sounds together.

Vibe: It’s really hard to describe the vibe of a place sometimes. When I say that a place is chill or relaxed, I mean that I feel comfortable there. I’m not worried about looking a certain way or feeling that the other customers are judging me.

Music: I pay special attention to music in coffee shops. There are many factors that go towards good coffee shop music, such as volume, content, and vibe. Sometimes a grungy (I mean that affectionately) shop will have metal music playing and it won’t seem out-of-place or odd. However, if a cute little shop played screamo music it wouldn’t really jive with the vibe. It all depends on the mood of the place.

CoffeeI like coffee. Unfortunately, my knowledge of it is limited. I don’t know anything about growing beans, roasting them, or grinding them. When I say that my coffee was good, I mean that it was good and I’d have it again. That’s all I can tell you about the drink!

Service: If the workers are friendly and nice, then wonderful. That’s all I ask for!

Notes: If I can’t classify something under the other categories, I’ll put it here. I’ll also write things I think of later here.

As you can see, these aren’t very technical reviews. For the newer reviews I’ll try to come up with a more accurate system.

Enjoy the snow and safe travels!


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