Dunn Bros: 9th and Nicollet

Dunn Bros cup drawing

Dunn Bros Coffee

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

First Impression: While wandering around downtown, I decided that a cup of coffee was in order. I headed to the nearest spot: Dunn Bros on Nicollet. I usually avoid “chain” coffee shops, preferring instead the local ones, but I thought I’d give this one a shot. From the outside it looks very unassuming and friendly, with nice chairs and tables. I didn’t write this review very eloquently, so please bear with my “stream of consciousness” style.

Appearance/Atmosphere: Orange table, black round tables, funky chairs, granite type floors, office building feel. Clean, comfy chairs, lights in the ceiling, large coffee on left center. Chairs/seating in front and on right side. The floor is mostly stone, carpeted in the front. Wooden trim. There isn’t a lot of personality in the shop, and it seems a bit generic, one of the reasons I don’t frequent chain coffee shops very often. The color is bland: tans, browns, greens. Star shaped light hanging in the doorway. Large window in front, and nice outdoor seating. I like the ceiling: tan, half circle windows at the top in front. Lights in the ceiling, higher ceiling, square, white in the center of the room. Nice pictures on the walls. Lanterns on the walls with electric lights that looked light candles. Fake plants scattered about. Yellow walls.

Vibe: Business-casual. It seems like a good place to take a break, but not a long one. The vibe is jeans with a suit jacket, if that makes sense.

Music: A wide mix. The last song that played was “Purple Rain” by Prince, but they have been playing a lot of different types. It’s louder, but the place wasn’t too busy. I’d imagine the music would be at a good level during the busier hours. I think it may have been a radio station playing, because there were a few ads.

Service: Very good. The workers were friendly and efficient, joking around a bit as they made my drink. The coffee was made very quickly and looked awesome. Cool, interesting workers here: one of the best parts.

Coffee: Good! My drink looked awesome in the ceramic cup with a mountain of whipped cream on top. It tasted as good as it looked.

Notes: There aren’t many independent coffee shops (that I’ve found) in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. However, there are a lot of Starbucks’ and Caribou’s. This Dunn Bros in tucked away on Nicollet Mall. I’ll definitely be coming back when I happen to be craving coffee downtown, but I wouldn’t make a special trip. One of the downsides is that they close at 6 PM.

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