The Beat: 28th & Hennepin

The Beat cup drawing

The Beat Coffeehouse

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

First Impression: Is it closed? Where is everyone? There’s some nice seating outside; Last time I walked by it was packed. I like the layout: small front room to order coffee in, and a large (though empty) room to hangout in.

The Beat signAppearance/Atmosphere: Orange walls, one is brown. They have a really impressive light set up, which would be amazing for live music. There was a sigh outside advertising “Live Music Tonight”, but they didn’t have a band. Their speaker system is also really awesome for live bands. There are two pianos. A big rusted sign hangs from the ceiling with “The Beat” logo. Plywood floor. Simple, wooden chairs and tables. Cool, abstract art on the walls. Window wallOne wall has three fake windows, lit from behind, which make up the backdrop for performances. lights hang from the ceiling in square, orange boxes. For seating, there are the tables, three sofas, two new burlap benches, and stools.

Vibe: Dead, at least when I was there. I’ve driven by before and it’s always looked busy. Tonight was just quieter. I really like this place and will have to come back on a busier night to get the true feel of it.

Music: Really great. Mary commented a few times on how nice it was. The volume was perfect for reading or hanging out. The baristas controlled the music and it was mostly happy, indie pop music like Kimbra. Very good! They also have live bands most nights.

Service: Awesome! The barista was very friendly and talked to us as he made our drinks. He even admitted that the place was dead.

The barista was very friendly and happy to chat with us, not only because we were the only customers. I would give this place another try.. maybe when they have live music. — Mary, who loves soy chai with no foam

Coffee: Very good. I had a White Mocha for $4.00. I asked for a small and he was going to put it in the small to-go cup because it was bigger. I prefer ceramic mugs, so I asked if he could pour the small into the mug (because I was being complicated). He said he’d just make a medium and keep the ratio of espresso and milk the same. The small was $3.50 and the medium was $4.25. I had something in between! It was delicious. I’ve never had anything like it before, but it was really good. If you visit The Beat, I recommend trying it!

Notes: I’ll be coming back on a busier night to get a real feel of the place. It was really nice and a fun place to hang out on a quiet night, so I’d expect it’ll be a lot different on a busier night!

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