Corner Coffee: 3rd St & 6th Ave

Corner Coffee cup drawing

Corner Coffee

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

First Impression: This looks like a cute place! It’s not located on a corner, for those that are looking. I ate lunch here earlier (during my break at my temp job), but came back after I was done to sit and enjoy some caffeine and relaxation. It looks like an awesome hangout place.

Appearance/Atmosphere: The shop is located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis. There are nice tables and chairs with umbrellas for those that wish to brave the Minnesota elements. Today was extremely hot and muggy, so no one was outside. Inside, the shop is composed of three rooms, all with a nice wooden floor. The first is more of a hangout, relaxing place, with multiple sofas and a few tables. The sofas are burnt orange-colored. Walls are an earthy green, the same throughout. There’s a really cool wooden pallet hanging from the ceiling with lights. An alternative chandelier! There’s also awesome works of art on the walls.

In the second room, the “main” room, there ordering station is located. The counter is black and there’s a big menu above it. They also have menus to look at. The tables are all different. There’s a window between the 1st and 2nd room, keeping the feeling open. There are high ceilings and tall windows on one side, with tables to sit and look outside. The trim is the same color green as the walls. Fans are located on the ceiling, as well as cool lights. At the coffee bar there’s a nice bakery and some black stools to sit at. One the far side of the bar there’s a computer for people to use.

In the third room there are more tables and chairs to sit at. One wall is earthy red, and there’s a car near the kitchen to bus your own dishes. Windows line the whole side. It’s all very big and open! There’s a stage/platform area with a couch and some chairs. Speakers are set up and I heard they sometimes have live music. I also noticed a projector pointed at the stage area and curtains in the wide doorway between the two rooms. The curtains are open now, but could be closed. Behind the stage there’s an awesome white backdrop and light hanging. The light looks like a giant tin can with holes punched in it, hung over a light bulb. The result is a spattering of stars on the white backdrop. It’s pretty empty right now, but it’s busier around lunchtime. A lot of stylishly dressing people come here!

Vibe: Calm, relaxed, earthy, and thoughtful. Similar to the feeling you get from listening to music late at night while stargazing.

Music: I love it! The music itself is louder than the vocals, so it isn’t overpowering. The songs playing are perfect for the mood: chill, relaxed, contemplative.

Service: Splendid, both times I was here today! The workers were friendly and nice, and chatted with me for a while. They brought my coffee out to my table and asked how my day was going.

Coffee: I had a Turtle Mocha ($4.10). It came in a cute dark purple mug, and was delicious. Rich, sweet, and adorable: just how I like it. The cups came in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Notes: Great place, good people, awesome location, yummy food, and a fantastic vibe! I’ll be back! The place would be perfect on a rainy day. It’s a little off the beaten path, but I great shop to visit. Take a walk and check it out!

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