Bob’s Java Hut: 26th & Lyndale

Bob's Java Hut cup drawing

Bob’s Java Hut

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

First Impression: Walking in, I noticed a large group of people gathered in the back. It looked almost like a party was ending. They all left soon after arrived, so I never found out what they were doing. There was a good amount of people at the coffee shop for a Saturday afternoon. Though I didn’t see any motorcycles outside (at first), I did notice a few bicycles. This place is a biker coffee shop, and you can tell by looking at the small motorcycle on display in the back above the restroom.

Bob's lightsAppearance/Atmosphere: I really liked the design and color scheme in Bob’s. The walls are a sea-foam green at the bottom, stripped thin white and then thicker black, and then red-orange at the top. The ceiling continues the color scheme: most is sea-foam green, then there’s a large stripe of their “33” logo in orange, and the rest is white. Black trim lines the windows and black door, and the black continues with the coffee bar, stools, lights, and fans. The top half of the side windows contain hand painted murals of various motocross scenes. The light fixtures are industrial and hang along the bar and above the tables. There’s also a large, detailed menu located to the left of the bar. The tables are steel or dark fake wood, and the chairs are wooden with green cushions. The floor is a dark worn wood. Speakers are places in every corner to keep the a consistent music volume level. There is a huge window in the front with tables and chairs, perfect for people-watching. I’ve already seen a lot of interest people: a guy riding his bike across the street while carrying a rocking horse, another guy riding a bike two bikes tall, and that cute worker from Urban Bean on 33rd & Bryant just walked by.

Vibe: Great place to hang out and catch up with friends. Many people are bikers in leather, but there are also some college age people as well.

Music: Older rock, loud enough to continue working. The speakers keep the volume level consistent.

Service: Nothing special. When the barista took my order she was nice, but I didn’t have any interaction with her other than that. A few times I noticed there wasn’t anyone behind the bar — I’m not sure where they were.

Coffee: I had a simple, black coffee, light roast. I didn’t drink it plain of course, I never have black coffee. I sweetened it with half and half, liquid sugar, and honey. One of the best things about Bob’s was their wide variety of things to add to your drink. Soy milk, skim milk, half and half, regular sugar, liquid sugar, cinnamon, and honey (which I’d never tried in coffee before, but it’s surprisingly good. Try it! Yum!) Very impressive. They also have two discounts, each for $0.25 — bringing in your own cup, or having a valid student ID. Good way to encourage students to come. Also they have a $5.00 credit card minimum.

Notes: I’d recommend going earlier in the day, because the biker crowd tends to come in later. I don’t have a problem with bikers (They’re awesome!) but I felt a little out of my element. It was a good place to chill and get some work done, though not the best for late night study sessions. Bring your own cup when you stop by!


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