Muddy Waters: Lake & Lyndale Ave.

Muddy Waters cup drawing

Muddy Waters Bar & Eatery

Monday, July 16th, 2012

First Impression: Muddy Waters where? No, (cue “I Can See Clearly Now” by The Screeching Weasels) I can see clearly now. Why didn’t I come here first? There’s a black, simple logo design on the front door. A plethora of bikes parked outside. A lovely outdoor seating area to the side. The bus stop is right across the street. Stepping inside, I can tell I’m going to love this place. Awesome! A guy with a crazy mustache came in.

Muddy Waters salt and pepperAppearance/Atmosphere: Lovely menu design up on the wall. There were a lot of people, but there’s a lot of space so it wasn’t crowded. Tons of seating options: tables with 2 or 4 chairs, chairs at the window bar, high chairs at the bar and coffee bar, booths, booth/table combos, high table/boots at the front window. The furniture is all a beautiful, dark rustic wood, along with the bars, trim, and most of the ceiling. Walls are tan. There’s a cool picture of waves and clouds behind the coffee bar. Fresh flower bouquets on the bars and tables, fresh flowers growing outside. Lantern lights hanging along the walls. Concrete floor with a black carpet strip through the center of the restaurant. Full bar. Big windows in front. Bakery items. Cute tealight candles on the tables. Lots of young adults (around 25) with tattoos. The vibe is a chill, summer, “meet up with friends”. Adorable little cube salt and pepper shakers.

Music: Loud, but I liked it. This isn’t a “study and read quietly” type of place. You are one part of a living, breathing organism. That doesn’t mean you need to participate, but even if you’re just sitting alone (like me, because I have no friends… yet… I hope), you don’t feel awkward or like you’re intruding. There was a lot of acoustic guitar music playing. Funky music. I didn’t recognize anything, but it set a good mood.

Service: AWESOME! Really, this place has phenomenal service. The guy at the register (a hipster with thick glasses and tattoos) was patient as I chose a drink and made small talk while he waited. He didn’t talk while he made it, because he was concentrating so hard on making it! It was a lovely thing to watch. Also, another worker is walking around, assessing the temperature of the room. By that, I mean he’s asking people how they are or if they need anything. It was a hundred degrees outside and I ordered a hot drink. Thanks for the water! Sweet!

Coffee: Adorable and fantastic. He made it look like he just happened to throw it all together perfectly. He carefully put on the whipped cream and had a “ta-dah!” demeanor as he sprinkled chocolate powder on top. Then he carefully selected an animal cracker and gently placed in the cup on the whipped cream. I had a Mocha (12 oz, $3.50). Yum, it was super good!

Notes: coffee correlationI know I keep saying this, but this is my new favorite place! I’ll come here for a drink (when I’m 21) or just chill here during the day and sip coffee. Their food and drink menu design put my inner artist and design freak in a heavenly place. Their website rocks too. The people here are friendly, and only a few are sitting with laptops. Others are reading/writing/drinking at the bar. I’ve noticed there’s a direct correlation between how much I like a drink and how fast I drink it.

*** SPOTTED ***

One of the workers, the guy walking around, just noticed I was writing and had drawing a picture of the cup. He said, “Are you writing about us?” I nervously chucked and blushed as I said, “Uh.. yeah. Kind of.” Hahah! He noticed this on the second time around, after filling up my water cup a few times. He didn’t treat me any differently, just went on being awesome!

  1. Stephanie said:

    You should leave business cards at the places you write about! Cute little cards with a mug on them and your website! Or something! 🙂

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