Caffetto: 22nd & Lyndale S.

Caffetto cup drawing

Caffetto Cafe

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

First Impression: Looks crowded from the outside, lots of people sitting at tables in the front. Grungy-look, people with dreads. Eclectic art on the walls, reminiscent of an old London flat (even though I’ve never been to one). Umbrellas outside above tables. Located right off the main street.

Appearance/Atmosphere: Grungy, dark, relaxed, old. Paint is peeling; art for sale on the walls; lots of 3D pictures of ships. Booth/tables, old-fashioned booths, high dark blue ceilings, red walls. Individually controlled lamps at tables on the wall. Large front window in second room, many plants in window. Cozy & quaint. Many younger people (20s) sitting at the booths with headphones and their laptops (every person had a Mac, strange). Floor is red concrete, chipping. Old radiator.

Music: Louder, so conversation doesn’t seem out-of-place or disruptive. Strange music choices: similar to The Clash, The Raconteurs, or Cage the Elephant. Grungy, louder. Goes really well with the atmosphere and sets a good vibe: chill but still rocking. The volume of the music keeps conversations semi-private. I keep hearing cowbells…?

Bathroom: In the basement, down some concrete steps. The basement is composed of two big, concrete rooms, similar to the upstairs. In the first room, under the main room upstairs, there were three doors, and two were locked. The guy told me that there were two bathrooms. I finally found the bathroom door, located under the stairs. It was sketchy… a single bare lightbulb hanging, a toilet, and a lot of graffiti on the walls. In the main room there was an industrial sink and a mirror. In the second room there was a working arcade, ping-pong table, and the second bathroom, located under the stairs on the other side. Very sketchy bathroom!

Service: Nice, but not very exciting. The guy didn’t talk to me while he made my drink, though he did patiently wait as I chose it. He was a good barista, but not overly friendly.

Coffee: Awesome! I had a Creme Brule Mocha, which was delicious. I’ll definitely get it again when I come back. $3.50 for a small.

Caffetto workerNotes: I can see myself coming back here on the weekend for some relaxed work on the computer, sketching, or hanging out with friends. At night it’s too busy for serious studying, though I’m assuming the atmosphere is more studious during the day/week. I’ll be back! Oh, and the worker was cute. There were a lot of smokers outside, but the smoke didn’t come into the room.



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