Urban Bean: 33rd & Bryant

Urban Bean glass drawing

Urban Bean

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

First Impression: Hey, that guy working is really cute. Outdoor seating–nice! I like their logo on the door. They’re open until 11 PM. Located on the corner, close to my friend’s work.

Appearance/Atmosphere: Color scheme of red, brown, and white, which work well and looks awesome. Really nice coffee bar/ordering place. Wooden, old floors. (I love them) Tables and chairs are a bright, slightly distressed red. There are lots of windows, and is a nice open space. There’s a second room which is similar. Cool mural on the wall. Nice lights.

Music: Nice mix, but not overpowering. I recognize some of it, but overall it’s a really good coffee shop soundtrack. Very chill music.

Service: Cute hipster worker! He was really friendly and good at his job. They have an iPad to read credit/debit cards–sweet!

Coffee: I had an iced coffee. They have liquid sugar. Woo! The prices are high though, which is one thing I didn’t like. $3.50 for an iced coffee.

Notes: It’s a very nice place, and I can see myself coming back. The bus drives by here. The worker reminds me a little of Jared Leto. One of the tables has a fan on the floor right next to it. Sit there if you get hot!

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