Mapps: Cedar & Riverside

Mapps cup drawing

Mapps Coffee and Tea

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

First Impression: I was walking along, looking for a place to get some coffee. I first tried “Hard Times” cafe, but left after I noticed their sign stating they only accept cash. Up the street, which was congested with construction, I spotted a cute little coffee and tea shop. Adorable! It’s awesome. It’s a lot bigger inside than you’d expect.

Appearance/Atmosphere: High ceilings, colorful walls: marigold, tan, purple. They all fit nicely together. There are big open windows in the front. The tables are round and have a map under the varnish, along with the Mapps logo (clever!). There are also maps on the walls of places such as South Africa and Italy. Along with a smattering of chairs, there are some nice black sofas and a few large rectangular tables. The floor is mostly tan tiles, but there’s a section in the front of older wood. The lights are nice and hanging from the ceiling. Some of the lights appear to be hand-blown glass. The people are really nice here, and there’s an awesome chill, relaxed, college-life vibe here.

Music: Song choices are all over the place, but they all were really good. There was a mix of ethnic, tribal, Jamaican, old school jazz, blues, and indie. Again, the music was just a soundtrack to the people talking, and not overpowering at all. It was loud enough to hear, but didn’t block out the sound.

Service: Awesome! Or as Mary would say, “AWE-some.” The guy working was really friendly and nice, and talked to me as he made my drink. The service at a coffee shop is always a big factor in my review.

Coffee: I had a Cafe Mocha (YUM — try it!). Their prices are super cheap, at least compared to the other places I’ve been. All sizes of regular coffee are under $2.00, which is great. Their soy chai is about $3.00; I hope Mary likes that. They have a fantastic variety of teas and coffee drinks. I like my coffee sweet, and usually have a fancy coffee drink.

Notes: I love it here. This is my favorite so far! The location is amazing: right near Radio K, where I volunteer, and super close to the dorm I applied to. I will definitely be here for late night study sessions and such. Also, the prices are great for a college budget.

  1. Joanna said:

    This place will get busier once the U is back in session–lots of grad students! The people who own it are really, really nice.

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