Urban Bean: 24th & S. Lyndale Ave.

white mocha drawing

Urban Bean

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Sitting at a coffee shop in Minneapolis. I live here now! It still seems like a dream.

First Impression: There was some outdoor seating on the side, and was located right on the main street. Also right on the corner, with a lot of windows: another bonus!

Appearance/Atmosphere: One big open room with a high ceiling. Simplicity was a common design theme. The windows were open in the front due to the heat. The few air conditioners did little to help. Black tables and stools, white brick walls. Nice counter with stools. Awesome bare light bulbs hanging.

Price: Coffee for here $2.25, to-go $2.00. This was my first coffee shop in the city, so I couldn’t judge prices.

Coffee: I had a mocha that came in a beautiful ceramic white cup, and had a nice design in the foam. It was good.

Service: Long-haired Asian fella was talkative after I asked him if it’s usually this quiet. He said he didn’t know because he usually works at the Urban Bean on 33rd/Bryant. He had a nice voice. Too young for me. — Mary, guest reviewer

Bathroom: High ceilings, black walls, white ceiling. There was a cool chandelier with plastic skulls hanging.

Notes: I liked the coffee shop, but I feel like we went at a bad time. There was only one other person there, so we didn’t get the true experience (in my opinion). I’d like to try going back sometime.


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