Plan B: 2717 Hennepin Ave

Plan B logo drawing

Plan B Coffeehouse

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

First Impression: Plan B was truly our “Plan B” tonight. We were going to go to Uncommon Grounds, but it looked dark and empty, even though the “Open” sign was on. Mary had to parallel park in front, which made me laugh because there were people sitting outside. Her parking job wasn’t the smoothest. I liked the outdoor seating!

Appearance/Atmosphere: From the outside it was very relaxed and chill. People were sitting around, and we had to walk up the steps. Inside there was a wide variety of couches, chairs, and table all around. Very quaint atmosphere. Awesome logo, and menu design! Their website doesn’t reflect the place at all.

Music: Queen played all night! I liked it, but Mary didn’t like how they turned up the volume as the night went on.

Price: Coffee was $1.60 for a small. I thought the prices were decent.

Coffee: I had an iced coffee. They had liquid sugar, which was awesome! The coffee was good.

I’m happy to report that Plan B does not charge extra for soy… all other places I go automatically charge $0.25 or $0.50. Bonus! –Mary, guest reviewer and chai drinker

Service: Good, but nothing memorable.

Notes: I liked this coffee shop a lot, but I feel like I’d love it if I became a regular. Another bonus is their punch card!


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